Surprise Package arrived July 2nd

What a surprise when I found a box outside my door. I didn’t expect to find 12 copies of my debut picture book biography, since it isn’t released until Sept 1, 2021. It’s so different to hold, read and see the final product than just all the draft and preliminary illustrations along this two-year process!  The illustrator, Sofia Moore, did such a fabulous job. It’s SO true that the illustrations tell at least half of the story of a picture book. Thank you Kar-Ben, especially my editor, Joni Sussman.

Ways to Motivate Reluctant Readers

As a reading tutor for second graders for several years, I’ve learned that you need a lot of approaches to hook the reluctant reader. A few of my tried and true “tricks” included having them make up a story that I write down, they illustrate, and then read back to me; getting two or three kids together and we all take turns reading a 1/2 page or so; and asking the child to tell me the story from the illustrations and then pick out the hard words for which we then made flash cards.

I was so happy to discover a blog post from award-winning, former teacher Laura Candler where she shares 12 ways to motivate reluctant readers. Check it out here. 

2021 Jewish Book Council’s Network’s Conference

As part of the 2021 Jewish Book Council’s Network’s Conference, I had the opportunity on May 26th to present to a zoom audience of about 250 people a two-minute pitch for my book “Hannah G. Solomon Dared to Make a Difference.” It was so fascinating to hear so many other authors talk about their books. The conference attendees represent a variety of Jewish cultural and community organizations who invite authors for programs. Hopefully, I’ll be invited to one or more of these organizations as a presenter. Would love to make a classroom visit to share the activities I’ve created for my book.