Kirkus Review is good


I was so excited when my wonderful editor, Joni Sussman of Kar-Ben Publishing, notified me that “Hannah G. Solomon Dared to Make a Difference” was favorably reviewed in the important children’s book review source, Kirkus Reviews.  Here’s an excerpt from the review:

“…As an adult Hannah was the first Jewish woman admitted to the Chicago Women’s Club. She fought tirelessly for women’s advancements against male domination both within Orthodox Judaism and in the general society. From a conference of Jewish women that she organized came the National Council of Jewish Women, an organization that worked directly with people in need and pushed for new laws to address poverty, housing, and education. She also expanded her activism to the women’s suffrage movement. Lindauer presents Solomon’s groundbreaking accomplishments in clear, concise language with great admiration, stressing her persistence and determination…An interesting, informative account of a little-known woman of great achievement.”


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